E.U.P.R.Bs projects

The resources used in the Chain Reaction project are based on Pupil Research Briefs (PRBs) which are problem solving and inquiry based classroom resources developed in the successful UK project Pupil Researcher Initiative. The Chain Reaction project will utilise 11 of the original PRBs which are based around "The Earth and the Universe" areas covering topics from space science to environmental education for developing countries, to the impacts of climate change. The PRBs have been rebranded EUPRBs to fit with the European Union arena in which the Chain Reaction project will take place.

The EUPRBs have been updated and modified as necessary to bring them in line with the most current research outputs, curriculum developments and local contexts. These contexts and tasks, alongside the interactive and “hands on” approach of the EUPRBs, aim to appeal to both a broad range of abilities and to both genders. The range of EUPRBs offers varied teaching and learning approaches, promoting the development of diverse skills, including problem solving, team working, communication, organisational and investigative capabilities, all with a specific focus on the development of Inquiry Based Science Education in the classroom.





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